Bhakti Mathur brings yet another amusing story for kids. This time we read about Diwali, the festival of lights.

In a sing-song manner and replete with beautiful illustrations we see how Klaka and his family celebrate Diwali. Friends and fam come over. Kids burst crackers, make merry. And then Klaka asks Amma about this beautiful fest. So Amma tells him about Lord Ram’s battle against Ravan and the consequent victory. She tells her kids about Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. She tells them about the rituals and the blessings that follow this auspicious fest.

Reading out this book was so much fun. Educating your kids about their favourite festival, seeing that sparkle in their eyes when you narrate the story. Each aspect reiterated slowly, adds to the thrill. Maulshree Somani’s illustrations are always the show stopper. More than half the story got conveyed through pictures and I was left with connecting the dots for Rudrani. But these books are the best way to bring our kids closer to our culture.

Amma, tell me about Diwali is hands down the best gift for kids this Diwali.

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