“Men are blind to the different shades of life, with the exception of spirits, sports and sex!”

Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana! by Jas Kohli is that one light read you have been looking for. This book brings forth the world of crazy, rich Punjabis, fused with social media madness and other sundry clamour.

This slice of life comedy unfolds just before Rahejas are to attend a big fat Punjabi wedding of a relative’s daughter. Kushal, the industrialist husband of Reeti has been cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend. Just before the family is to leave for the ceremony Lakshya, their son uncovers the secret. This catastrophic event unleashes a tornado that may engulf the Rahejas.

The entire story that takes place in a day’s time gives us a comprehensive view of the luxurious lives of the Ludhianvis. Almost all the stereotypes are voiced here. The language is top notch, maintaining a tempo throughout with enough pun, drama and humor to grab our attention and tickle our funny bone. There is a lilt to the prose.  Alongside there is a liberal usage of colloquial Punjabi phrases. While picturizing the mundane life of a married couple author brings out humor in the silliest incidences like exclusivity of a designer dress. “It seems the Almighty is cross with me. I learnt that the dress I had gotten specially made for the marriage is not exclusive!”

Lights! Wedding! Ludhiana! introduced me to the city of Ludhiana at a close proximity. Bird’s eye view makes this story look like an Op-ed. This book is a commentary on the upper class society of hypocrites, and it reminded me of Oscar Wilde’s jibes at the Victorian society.

Overall, this satire on the big fat Punjabi wedding has enough opulence, cuisine, comedy, frivolity and theatrics to keep you glued till the very end. It is one rejuvenating read you need if you have been bogged down by the routine.

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