Being a foodie I never bothered about my weight. Soon I was diagnosed with PCOD and BP which had an adverse effect on my health. I was bedridden, had to give up a well paying job. And the disruption didn’t just end with that; I faced one too many issues during my pregnancy as well. However, few small changes in the lifestyle worked wonders for me. The glow up was eminent. But since we often get confused vis-a-vis following diet routine Dr. Rohini Patil in her book The lifestyle diet helps us deal with unique  lifestyle diets that will ease the lifestyle diseases with aplomb.

The book is divided into 3 parts, namely – rules, tips, and recipes and diet plans. Every part is replete with information that’s ponderous and myth busting. The author speaks about a diet plan which can work for you throughout your life. And the author stresses that every person’s diet plan will be different. Your diet will be turned into your lifestyle.

The book has a practical approach to dieting and lifestyle. Towards the end of few chapters the author also gives case studies that help us understand what ought to be done. Alongside the part 3 of the book, which entails recipes and diet plans, there are plethora of diet plans which can be mixed and matched as per your taste and preference.

The author helps us understand every aspect without being too preachy about it. Apart from intermittent fasting part I also loved reading about different types of meditation one can practice and how to set-up your lifestyle kitchen.

Overall, the whole approach of this book is easy and doable. And in my view, you can start working on yourself as soon as you finish this book. It’s that simple.

What worked for me was intermittent fasting. I follow the 16:8 plan, OMAD once a week and brisk walk routine. I have seen profound change in my personality post I started working on my diet and lifestyle. With this book you can figure out what will work in your favour.

Do I recommend this book? Very much. Give it a read.

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