After having relished 15 books back to back I truly needed a book that was short and sweet. Beyond the boundaries by Maitreyi Srivastava came to my rescue.

Beyond the boundaries is a story of migration. A pride of lions from Africa has been illegally shipped across the continent. The ship these lions are on breaks down and they are recused and kept in Gir wildlife sanctuary in India. However, a cyclone destroys this settlement for them and they are forced to migrate to another state.

This story is basically the journey of a pride of lions. And much like any story this too has its set of conflicts. But it’s beautiful to see the calming approach of the pack leader. How she prevails over the odds and protects her pride. Alongside the author also speaks about the dirty politics and conspiracies when it comes to illegally exporting the animals or trading their body parts or skin. But there is a humanitarian angle to it which you cannot be overlooked. Also look for nitty-gritties in this story; for instance the character of Dalik mentioning how sea storm was an effect of someone abusing nature. Ironically the ship was carrying Sheeba and her pack illegally.

The book is penned in quite an understandable language. You can certainly read it out loud to your kids. It is replete with cute illustrations done by Aaryama Somayaji which will definitely grab their attention. This book is meant for kids over 6 years of age.

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