You have been given one life and in that one life you want to read all the books you can get your hands on. And there are many that will remain unread. If you are someone who has a fear of those unread books, just like me, then you ought to grab this book – Become your best self right now published by Aleph book co.

This book has 31 chapters that are life transforming. It basically consists of excerpts from international bestselling classic books alongside excerpts by renowned seers. Divided into 3 sections the book tries to answer every possible question related to our existence. From Joseph Murphy to Morgan Housel, from Gaur Gopal Das to Paramhansa Yogananda, this book carries wealth of wisdom for each one of us. And if you haven’t read all the self-help classics like The power of your subconscious mind, The power of positive thinking, Eat that frog etc. then you can simply pick up this book and relish it.

Believe me, it’s unputdownable. And your thirst to acquire the knowledge from these great thinkers increases two-fold as you dive deeper into it.

The canvas for this book is massive but it is crunched into about 200 pages. However, these 200 pages are enough to make you mull over the multiple concepts it holds. Infact, the editor’s pick of these excerpts is so accurate that you may want to go ahead and buy yourself the book the excerpts are from! Alongside the book hosts many powerful statements that can easily become your affirmations. Also, there are concepts that may seem to contradict the previous or the upcoming chapters but all I can say is that, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

Last word – DO. NOT. GIVE. IT. A. MISS!
Just don’t because if you can’t read all the classic self help books then you can atleast read the best from all those in this one tiny book. One chapter a day is all it will take!

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