A 19 year old author Aarushi Jain packs some very crucial life lessons in her book 30 times when your conscience needs you.

This book is spread across 30 chapters and is only 100 pages long. In about 100 pages the author touches base with varied topics that have a great impact on our lives. Honesty, integrity, solidarity, family life, privacy, social media, social responsibility, understanding the people around you, understanding your conscience, connecting with your conscience and many more concepts are astutely explained in this book.

I read the Hindi version of the book and it was a pleasant change. The language switch was a refreshing for me because I often and always read books in English. The book has been penned in the most understandable language. And that’s why even a non-seasoned Hindi reader like me can zap through it. Another aspect of the language that I found appealing is that it is immensely mature.

The topics discussed are those that add value to our lives and enhance it too. These are supported by ample of relatable and everyday examples. Every chapter begins with a title that’s thought provoking and the content seamlessly follows. The content is structured deftly and mostly in an essayesque format.

Overall, this short crisp read is succinct, positive and assertive. It asks the right questions about righteousness and shows us the clear distinction between right and wrong.

Ps- This book is also available in English.

To buy the Hindi edition, pls click- https://amzn.to/3lRfLu0

To buy the English edition, pls click- https://amzn.to/3GwRTUh

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