“Sometimes, to reach your destiny, you have to first run from it and learn how to face it,” writes Prakrit Bhatt in his mythological fiction, Chantini. This 10 minutes short read explores a unique plotline where we see some of the most loved characters from Indian mythology and history come together.

Indian epics are so deep that authors can explore different angles and Chantini is one fine example of it. The short book has only 13 episodes. It follows the journey of Chantini, the daughter of Jayant and Jaya, the King and Queen of Nepal. Meghanad has taken over their Kingdom and has Chantini under arrest. It is been foretold that Chantini will be the death of him. However, she is rescued from the Lankapuri by a particular, Shoora. Shoora helps Chantini reach Sanchi Stupa where she is trained in martial arts and arthashashtra by a renowned King from Indian history. With time she will face her enemy but will she be able to avenge the death of her parents, forms the rest of the story.

This book has some really astounding twists put together. From page one this story is shrouded in the cloud of mystery.  And that’s what makes this book a pageturner. It has clipped and crisp narration, and cliffhangers at every turn. The actions scenes are descriptive and bring the picture alive for us, readers.

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