All our lives we wait for some big miracle to happen to us. The miracles do happen, but we hardly notice them,” writes Rishi Sethi in his latest The sage. This book is a slice of life that conjuncts with the surrealism and spirituality.

The book follows the story of Nikhil, a doctor by profession. Born and brought up in Mumbai, he relocates to US for education and occupation. However, even as days blur one into another Nikhil recalls vividly his conversations with a friend, Krishna. These conversations have had a deep impact on him. He is busy resolving conflicts of life when a pretty young girl Myra enters. Bryan, her father, is Nikhil’s patient. Soon we see a beautiful bond bloom between the three. Tanya, is another character who forms a rock solid base for Nikhil to rest his worries on.

This tapestry of emotions, experiences and characters makes this book wholesome. The author weaves the realities of life deftly in the narrative. The author juggles with a few characters but sculpts them well, so much that Krishna’s mention immediately made me visualize the character with a halo, imparting life lessons. This story settles subtly in your system. And the quotes that are peppered throughout the narrative ring true. Twists, though predictable, yet evoke a whirlpool of emotions.

For someone like me who is inclined towards spirituality this book was a blessed read.

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