India’s loved author, Ruskin Bond, is back with spooky stories from the chilly mountains with The shadow on the wall published by Aleph Book Co.

The book is hosts 21 short stories. And every story has a unique flavour. The thing about Bond’s writing is that you read him now and you remember the stories for eons. And so some of the stories and characters from the past that find a space amongst the new lot were a happy nostalgia as I read through them.   The vivid imagery and the immersive writing style held me in thrall. But that’s a given if we are reading Bond.

Were the spooky stories spooky enough? Sort of. I was startled one too many times. The unforseen guests ringing the doorbell as I was reading about the Jinn friend of Bond’s gave me a spine-chilling scare. I jumped like a cat! But then Bond’s stories that are meant for young and old alike have a tinge of humor to it. And so the horror evaporates, the feeling remains. These stories were like The zombie shot (a teetotaller wouldn’t know) on a cold wintery night. Much needed. 

For a Bond lover 100 paged book seems like a short read. I wish there were more stories in there.

Last word – Bond lover or not but you need to definitely read it.

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