I was introduced to Biplob the bumblebee, a eco- warrior superhero, few years ago by author Abhishek Talwar. And ever since I have seen this bee grow and educate the kids worldwide. Biplob is a favourite of the kids in my family, my nephews and Rudrani love him. So the excitement of the kids upon the release of volume 6th of The adventures of Biplob the Bumblebee was palpable.

Volume 6th is one story divided into 3 parts. This story focuses on an elephant herd. Farmer Balaram’s village is prospering. They have got a new railway track laid by the government. This will make sure that the farm produce reaches the city faster. However, this track falls on elephants’ corridor. And a day after the inauguration we see an elephant die in an train accident. Addy, Avantika, Biplob and Balaram, all are rattled by this incident. Balaram requests the railway authorities to do something about it. But the tracks cannot be changed now he is told. All are dismayed but Biplob jumps in and thinks about informing the herd matriarch. It’s of no use either. But Biplob won’t give up easily. And so when he happens to pay a visit to his cousin Munmun, who is now a queen of a hive, he puts together a plan that helps Munmun as well as saves the elephants.

Biplob is one smart bee. And his quirks and cleverness is what makes him a kids favourite. Author deftly introduces the young readers to the elephants. Elephants are cute beasts and every child’s favourite. But the bits of information that the author pens in this book are educative. We learn much about bees too in this volume. Add to that the illustrations by Sonal Goyal. There’s consistency and vibrance in her work that instantly catches every child’s attention.

The adventures of Biplob the bumblebee is a good series to help your child understand the pros and cons of development, and the importance of environment. Do pick it up. It’s sheer infotainment.

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