Blogging is a solitary profession, we all know that because we are almost knee-deep, and some are even neck-deep in it, by now. For me, my blogging journey began way back when I was in college. Circa 2009. Back then it wasn’t seen as a profession. Back in time, blogging was a mode of expression. Some blogged on Facebook Notes but I decided to go ahead and create a blog on Blogspot. saw the light of the day and was lauded by my peers. And this blog helped me bag my first internship and became my portfolio for a future I was to carve in the media industry.

While I was working with big names in the industry like BookMyShow, Zee and a few freelancing projects here and there, I tried to keep my blog afloat by posting every now and then. However, the work had me tied down. But the idea for growing a blog never left my mind even once. When in PR industry I was handling the movies like The Men in Black 3, Total Recall, The amazing Spider-Man, Resident evil retribution, I had come across a blog, rather a sprightly blogger – Malini Agarwal. It was a small blog, budding entertainment Blog and so some of my colleagues had specifically asked me not to invite them for the events. However, I was mesmerized by this personality I had bumped into in one of the launch parties. And so the invites were always being sent out from my side. Few months down the line I saw that blog turn into a website and then India’s biggest entertainment news portal. And ever since it hasn’t seen a dull day.

My blog that was born in 2016 is infact inspired by MissMalini. Her ideas never once left me alone. And much like her, I too wanted to bring different topics under one umbrella and hence the name.

I started this blog when I was bedridden. Year 2016 wasn’t a great year for me. I was pregnant but there were multiple complications. Every other day I found myself hospitalized and by 6th month I was prescribed bedrest. And so, there I was lying all day, either reading or looking at the ceiling. And on one such occasion when I lay reading I heard my father say – “If you are reading then do something about it; don’t just read for reading sake.” That have me a head start. That’s all it took for me to start Books. Babies. And. More.

Coming to the niche, it was never difficult to find my niche. I have always been a voracious reader. But after the death of my father, the same year, exactly 6 days after I had given birth to my daughter, books kept me afloat. I was in a pit of depression but I was heavily consuming books and churning out reviews. Atleast one book and one review everyday. And soon the focus of this blog shifted from all and sundry to mostly books.

Made it to the Top Book Blogger of India

Made it to the top book blogger of India yet again

Top Blogs of India in English

Tough times don’t last, tough people do, they say. But I survived and I survive because I had my blog and my books to keep me busy.

This was all about my blogging journey in a nutshell. What about yours? Do let me know in the comments below.

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