Myths and lore are galore in a country like India that’s rooted in spirituality and culture. But Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the only sacred book that brings together all these myths and lore under one umbrella and tries to put forth the holy message of the Ultimate reality – One God. One religion. Demystifying Myths & Lore in Sri Guru Granth Sahib by Maneshwar S. Chahal is fifth book in a series penned by the author that explains it all vis-à-vis SGGS.

The book is over 700 pages long and the author has tried to cover A to Z of what’s been penned in SGGS. The size of the book is intimidating but the book is a storehouse of knowledge. It shows us how all religions are melted  perfectly in SGGS as if sugar in water. And this sweetened water is delivered by the author to the readers who would be interested to know more about Sikhism and those who are spiritually inclined. The research done is extensive and that’s understandable by the sheer size of the book!

Having been an ardent follower of Kabir Das ji, I decided to pick it up. And what greeted me amidst the pages of the book reacquainted me with Indian mythology and the merit of being under the effulgence of a Guru. The messages are repetitive but the essence remains the same – Jaap or chanting of Lord’s name. However, to explain the merits of this simple act Gurus take us through various lores and myths. “The SGGS runs to 1430 pages and has 5890 stanzas in different formats,” “over two dozen authors, from a cross-section of saints writing in different languages across five centuries and belonging to places across the length and breadth of the country,” informs the author in the introduction to the book. Further he states the real reason behind this book was, “the need to bring before the gentle reader the root, the origins of the myths and their actual use in the SGGS.”

Penned in a simplistic format the book alphabetically picks up every myth or lore from Indian mythology and analyses it in two parts. Part one explains its origin and part two explains its context in SGGS and what it truly means.

This book is meant for all. Dipping in it is a way to ensure that you immerse yourself in the ocean of knowledge. Sip as much as you can, disburse as much as you can because this wealth is only going to expand. Empty out your vices and gulp the real Amrit, the essence of Lord as explained by Seers in SGGS.

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