It takes a lot to stand tall and defy the odds in a world full of men. No matter what they say but they do feel overpowered by women if she is even a tad bit more talented than them. The bird cage by Krista Lynne White is a short read that focuses exactly on the said topic.

Jill and Matt were a happy couple once. But ever since Jill has taken up a job as a VP with a renowned concrete company she works long hours and has no time for her family. Matt is a simpleton, a school teacher. So when Jill starts spending more time in office he assumes that she is having an affair with her boss. Jill, however, is fighting off a misogynist predator who likes to berate women, overpower them and sexually assault them.

In this hour long read Jill emerges as a strong woman. She isn’t swayed by fake promises. She toils to achieve her goals. She is on her toes always. She is headstrong as much as she is loving. But Jill keeps questioning herself. She wonders if the rift between her and her husband is because she gets paid more. “What was this job costing her? How long would Matt put up with this? Her girls wouldn’t be young forever.” Alongside we see her struggle to keep up in men’s world. “It hurt to be derided, but it shouldn’t have suprised her, anything remotely feminine she brought to the office seemed to warrant a few jabs from her male colleagues.” All of this and more made Jill’s character easily a relatable one.
On the other hand, male characters are shrouded by insecurities, ego and are misogynist. But all the characters have a say and every character is deftly crafted.

At the crux of this book lies a story of a marriage gone sour.  The conflict between husband and wife and their internal conflicts is brought out exceptionally well by the author. And for that very reason the story will stay with me for long.

Often it is difficult to say everything in a short span of time. But Krista Lynne White does that with panache. Her  characters come alive in this slice of life drama. This one is steeped in reality and it celebrates feminity. It is about the birdcage called misogyny that has us trapped. It is about breaking free and acceptance. It is subtle short read with well paced narrative.

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