Last year we took a major decision which was let our baby take a drop for a year. It was her junior KG year and this decision was hard on us. Pandemic has hit us all equally but school was adamant on payment of the fees. The facilities given against the whooping fees they were charging wasn’t worth investing in. Plus kid would sit long hours in front of the laptop. Nursery had given us a glimpse of the kind of education the school was providing. As a parent it was unfulfilling and we were unsatisfied. So we took a drop. What we faced was huge challenge to keep up with our child’s education. We doggedly began teaching her in whatever way we could. Unfolding the process here so that every parent benefits from the same.

1. Basics – My daughter’s basics weren’t strong enough so naturally our first focus was to get her reacquanited with letters, phonics and numbers.

2. Two letter word – I began showing her how kids her age blend phonic sounds and read the two letter words. This worked in my favour. After seeing only few videos she got the gist and we began focusing on two letter words.

3. Jolly phonics – My biggest saviour in this trying times. Their app was a blessing. There are sounds, patterns and even poetry related to letters. It helped.

4. Math – Everyday practice of the numbers made sure she was way ahead of the school syllabus.

5. Jolly phonics book – I happened to chance upon this book on Amazon and decided to give it a go. Another blessing because it made reading simple for Rudrani. We read from this book everyday.

6. Reading short stories – Now that we are able to read 5-6 letter word we have begun reading short stories and books.

7. Activity books – These books were important to acquaint Rudrani with concepts – Big and small, clean and dirty, wet and dry etc. A few activity books that I used were as shown below

With online schooling a lot has changed in the teaching process and even teachers I know agree with the statement. So the onus of making sure that our kids ably read before primary school falls on us.

At the beginning, this journey seemed daunting but we sailed through one day at a time. The lessons I learned here were consistency, never-say-die attitude and practice.

Following is the link to the app –

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