Book – Be a triangle by Lilly Singh
Genre – Self-help
Publisher – Panmacmillan India

Believe Lilly Singh, the Superwoman, to think out of the “box” and bring something truly kick-ass for all of us. And Be a triangle by Lilly Singh is nothing less than a fulfilling platter of your favourite gourmet meal.

It is such a short, quick and crisp read that you will finish it in a single sitting. Even a non-seasoned reader will zap through it in no time. And with every page the readers will surely have multiple key takeaways. This book, in just about 91 pages helps you to “unbox yourself!” literally. It gives you a perfect formula to live a content life.

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Success, satisfaction, happiness are subjective terms but to understand them you need to begin from the scratch. Indian shashtras and even the Egyptians give utmost importance to a triangle. And when you realise why, you realise why it’s healthy to be a triangle.

The writing style, the personality of the author instantly makes a connect with a reader. And in the most lucid language Lilly Singh explains us what’s it like to be a triangle. And once that understanding dawns on you, you too would wanna be a triangle, I am sure.

Last word – Many of us turn to classic books or listen to motivational podcasts or go to recreational programs to nail the formula for a peaceful living but to be frank you just need one book that will widen your perspective. And in my honest opinion, Be a triangle can be it. So, pick it up!

To buy the book, pls click -   Be a triangle by Lilly Singh 

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