Book – The perfect knot by Dr Neha Rai
Genre – Contemporary fiction, Mental health

Life is nothing but a series of knots and we find ourselves disentangling these very knots one after the other. But some knots are so tightly knit that no matter how much you tug they don’t let go off “you.” The perfect knot by Dr. Neha Rai is a book that speaks about such knots.

It follows the story of Abhinav. He is close to his cousin Kavisha. He has had a troubled childhood and his relationship with his father and his stepmother is grotty. In midst of helping his sister setup her open mic poetry event he comes across a harsh reality. Kavisha is gay. This is a big blow because he knows his pseudo-cultured family won’t accept her and her sexuality. Alongside we see how he falls for an open mic participant, Sanchi, who later on becomes his very good friend. But crude truth of life is no matter what you do your loved ones will leave you when you want them the most. And that’s how things turn out for Abhinav.

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The author, Dr. Neha Rai, touches upon really sensitive topics in this book, childhood trauma, depression, public shaming. She delicately deals with each topic. And while reading this book you see what a beautiful soul Abhinav is. However, things take a different course for him and it pains to see this character going through trying times. He who stands up for his cousin and his friends is left to deal with his problems all on his own.

What irked me the most was how depression put aside by one of the characters as something that can be dealt with if you get back a “routine” in your life. And that’s how the author nails it. She subtly explains how there needs to be awareness about mental health as much as there were efforts put in by the characters for the awareness about LGBTQIA. The author maintains equanimity about both the topics. But she leaves us to ponder about the characters like Abhinav. 

All-in-all, for me The perfect knot was a good character driven and a compelling story.

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