Book – Lessons in chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
Genre – Contemporary fiction, women’s fiction
Publisher – Doubleday / Penguin India

It’s 4: 21 am. I haven’t slept a wink. But I haven’t had a dull moment ever since I picked up this book. Infact, I have been frantically scribbling notes all over, posting the index flags; and then there are thousands of quotes I am mulling over that could easily be the opening lines for this book review. But all I wish to begin with is – Lessons in chemistry by Bonnie Garmus is a highly motivating, satisfying and a must read! 

It’s the 1960s and Elizabeth Zott is an extremely intelligent chemist. But women have no place in the world of science or rather a world ruled by men. Women are and must be confined to the hearth. But the resolute Miss Zott will not take no for an answer. She comes across many hurdles in her life but she doesn’t give up her passion for chemistry. Chemistry is the very base of our lives, she stresses as she deftly gives us the lessons in chemistry. “Cooking is serious science. In fact, it’s chemistry.”

This is a out-and-out character driven book. Absolutely unputdownable. Vivacious. And peppered with subtle humor that’s sure to make you laugh out loud.

I have read tons of women’s fiction books before but I haven’t ever met a character like E.Z.

To start with, Elizabeth is definitely a formidable character that will stay with me forever. E.Z is a big misfit, headstrong, no nonsense women. She speaks her mind and hence isn’t liked by her superiors. But when you are reading this book you’d want to see more women like E.Z. She just breaks the patriarchal shell by an efficient tap on its head i.e. by following her heart! She is a solo rider and yet reinstates the self-respect in other women she comes across. “I am a scientist,” you read this line throughout and you understand the need and the anger EZ feels while explaining herself and she has to do so throughout. And it annoys you too to see Elizabeth not getting her due despite being capable. And as you read more into this character you realise how Elizabeth is certainly a women born in a wrong era because chatting with her often leaves the opposite sex irked or uncomfortable. You see, Elizabeth’s journey isn’t an easy one but there’s an ease to this personality.

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Talking about the other characters be it Evans, Mad, Harriet, Six-thirty, Walter, Wakely, all of them have been developed so well that they get etched in your memory, especially, Six-thirty and Mad. Further you see the vicious circle of patriarchy where women are pitied against each other. With a characters like Mudford, Frask and the lady bomber. This shows the deep impact patriarchy has had on women for centuries.

Throughout, the book has sound arguments with acceptable conclusions and where women have the last say. (Yayyyy) And the book page by page exposes the cruelty of the society, the substandard treatment meted out to women, the mockery made of their inteligence, rape as the only punishment for having the guts to speak up against men in power and the double standards of the society. As also it sheds light on the aspects of a woman’s life that often go unnoticed.

This narrative is enriched with exceptional, thought provoking, profound quotes and is sowed with multiple truth bombs. It is equally warm like a fuzzy blanket.

All-in-all, you will get only handful of books like this one. It’s a real treasure that you will read and you will cherish.
It renders an uncanny power to the readers, it reinforces their believe in themselves.

Last word – Lessons in chemistry by Bonnie Garmus is smart, emotional, witty, quirky, hilarious, has the best dog character and makes for an incredible and an unforgettable read!

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