Book – The nightingale by Kristin Hannah
Genre – Historical fiction
Publisher – Panmacmillan UK

Holocaust and the stories of hurt, pain, trauma and courage, there are tons of those, so many that every life saved can be turned into a book and still there would be thousands left to be penned.

From Danielle Steel to the new age writers like Madeline Martin, Janet Skeslian Charles, Kristin Hannah, everyone is doing their bit to bring to fore these unsung heroes. I recently began reading The nightingale by Kristin Hannah and this is an early review of the same. 

This is a story of two sisters abandoned by their father. While one is quite homely, Vianne, the other, Isabella is rebellious. Vianne’s husband is summoned to join the army and Isabella is asked by her father to go reside with her sister and her niece. Vianne’s house is taken over by a German officer much to her dismay.  Isabella, on the other hand is equal nuisance to her as she actively participates in resisting the Germans. Vianne can neither quell her sister’s rebellion not stop the Germans from taking away her loved ones. Isabella soon leaves Vianne and heads to Paris. From here she operates with the rebels and helps people escape France. For this operation she uses the codename Nightingale.

In the note to the readers the author maintains that during her research about the World War II she had come across “the story of a young woman who had created an escape route out of Nazi-occupied France.” And while reading this story of unbridled resilience one is sure to feel a pang of hurt, pain, longing and one can only imagine the amount of trauma the families went through!

To put it succinctly, it’s heartbreaking.

More on this book, coming up soon.

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