Book- Towards tomorrow by Yuvika Gupta
Genre – Poetry

Our kids are born smart but it’s their surroundings and upbringing that gives them a mode of expression. Yuvika Gupta is a 12 year old young poet and in her debut collection of poetry, Towards Tomorrow, you see a reflection of a philosopher and a thoughtful young citizen in making.

The book consist of 64 thought provoking poetries. All are stemmed out of deep reveries. And all the poems are a ray of hope to the hopeless. Penned during the chaos of pandemic and trepidation of lockdown these poems ask you all to look towards your tomorrow, to rise and shine, and never quit. It is written simplistically but with a vocabulary that’s sure to make you stand up and take note of the young poet.

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The verses are so profound and can be hailed as tiny truth bombs.

“The ones with nothing,
have the most to give,
While the ones with everything,
forget how to live.”

Alongside these carry the essence of life. They are affirmative and strong.

“Fear is imaginary,
don’t let it get in
you way,
You are stronger
than your fears,
You will always
find a way.”

And the imagery is vivid; and what’s worth appreciating is Yuvika’s observational skills.

“War in every street,
shrieks in all’s ears,
Everyone running around
facing their darkest fears.”

She infuses the tunes and hues of the nature. She is brilliant and emphatetic as she writes.

“A cold misty night,
a Friday I believe,
and on the grass there I sat,
with dewy cold leaves.”

Despite being penned by a 12yo this book isn’t just meant for kids. It is to be read by every rational being. It’s vibrant and it’s sure to give you hope.

To buy the book, pls click -Towards tomorrow by Yuvika Gupta  

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