Book – The amateur detectives by Sayan Sahoo (Part 1)
Genre – Detective fiction

So, I have been unwell past couple of days but one book that’s kept me afloat is this – The amateur detectives by Sayan Sahoo.

¶ It’s part 1 of the series. The book focuses on three cases; and we have detective Neel and detective Dipti who helm these cases.

¶ The book so far has been quite gripping, engrossing and fast paced. It’s a pageturner for sure. I see the author has a knack for detective fiction. And those who love reading good crime thrillers and whodunnits will certainly love this work.

¶ Now that’s an early review. Will be posting a complete review soon. Looking at the narrative pace I am sure to finish it by EOD.

¶ Having said that I would really appreciate if people can read word to word – a book, a post, an article before they drop their views. It’s only fair to the authors of the work.

To buy the book, pls click – The amateur detectives by Sayan Sahoo

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