Book – Don’t believe everything you think by Joseph Nguyen
Genre – Philosophy, Self-help

I love this word “plunge” a lot. It carries infinite possibilities and it stands strong. It’s a complete sentence in itself. It’s another name of letting go and submitting yourself completely to the Supreme. And Joseph Nguyen in the book Don’t believe everything you think helps you understand it better.

When you look at this book, on the surface it looks spiritual and philosophical but the roots of this one are found in every holy scripture there ever is. This knowledge has been imparted to us time and time again but how many of us ably grasp it and utilize it for our own good, now that’s a real challenge. Like the story author reiterates in this book, you cannot pour this knowledge in a cup that’s full of ideas. We all need to submit to the nothingness. Indian philosophy and scriptures call this state of mind as “shunya,” zero. This is where everything begins and in it everything dissolves. Understanding and attaining this Shunya is an art. There needs to be no stress but more consistency about it. And that’s exactly what the author explains in this book.

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The book is only 17 chapters long with crisp, to-the-point concepts. He breaks down the concept step by step to tell us how thinking is the root cause of suffering. Something that Lord Buddha said years ago. But this knowledge needs to be repeated for the good of humanity. Because only when a soul is satisfied and connected to the Supreme, only then will peace and prosperity reign.

Alongside explaining the concepts simplistically the author used the new age vocab to help us get the hang of these concepts better. For instance- divine downloads means the divine inspiration or real time GPS means the gut feeling. This book is really important if you wish to embark on your journey inwards. Intrinsic success reflects on the outside. The “glow-up” the world keeps talking about is only possible if you look within and change within.

Don’t believe everything you think by Joseph Nguyen is an incredibly powerful book. It surpasses religious boundaries, sieves wisdom thoroughly and brings for you the ripest knowledge that will help you elevate into a spiritually and materially successful human without worrying too much. And in my opinion it is a must read for everyone.

To buy this book, pls click – Don’t Believe Everything You Think

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