Book – The seventh cup by Nitesh Jain
Genre – Psychological thriller

The seventh cup by Nitesh Jain – this book is a time warp. But most of all it comes out as a brilliant engaging thriller.

The book follows the story of a writer Avinash Roy. Avinash is in love with a Swiss girl, Verona, who had come as an exchange student in Goa. They had spent quality time together working on a play. But even after her time in India was over Avinash couldn’t let go off her. He travelled to Switzerland just to be close to her. And Verona, she met him every weekend discussing a book Avinash had been writing.

This isn’t even a proper gist of the book. It’s just a start. It’s a premise which you as a reader will hang on to. Because this book is complex and compelling. It is a suspense at the onset that turns into a whodunnit in a blink and soon you shall realize it is actually a psychological thriller. This book plays with your mind. After reading this book cover to cover all I can say that India has found it’s Alice Feeney equivalent in Nitesh Jain. His prowess is raw and rising.

The book debates and discusses multiple things. It shifts our perspectives, brings in new outlook for the concepts. It has stories within a story. And it blurs the thin line between reality and imaginary. It gives an insightful and interesting take on science, religion and tradition. And their roles in the life of mankind.

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Look closer and you see that obsession can be symbolic and the whole novel can be quite allegorical. You see leitmotifs of SRK, number 7, foreign exchange students peppered throughout the narrative. The book in a way highlights a writer’s thought processes. Alongside there is equal amount of sarcasm, wits and humour. Nuggets of wisdom sowed in the narrative turn into brilliant, thought provoking quotes.

The college ambience is brought out well by the author. And what’s worth noting is a whole new take on the famous theme of Shakespearean tragedies. When I talk about the characters, the central character rules the roost. The character of Avinash is extremely complicated. He has us wrapped around his fingers. He messes up our mind and keeps us guessing.

To some readers who may want to read a good pageturner thriller, this can be one only if you are patient and don’t give up on it mid-way. It takes time to build up but once it picks pace you just wouldn’t wanna keep it down!

All-in-all, The seventh cup is an unusual suspense with supernatural elements to add to the thrill and drama. And you don’t see the twists coming.

Last word – We all are vulnerable at some point in time and this book, The seventh cup by Nitesh Jain, explores the vulnerabilities of our mind quite deftly.

To buy the book, pls click – The seventh cup by Nitesh Jain

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