Book – The amateur detectives by Sayan Sahoo
Genre – Detective fiction

Indian detective stories don’t just end with Byomkesh Bakshi and Feluda. We have authors like Sayan Sahoo making an impactful debut with books like The amateur detectives.

The prologue of the book alludes to Maria Puzo’s The Godfather like vibe vis-a-vis the ghost of a Crime lord. But as you delve deeper into it what you read are three very impressive thrillers – A mysterious kidnapping, Murder of the millionaire and Project Jerry. An amateur detective Neel Roy is summoned to solve these. A genius young Sherlock who considers himself to be Feluda’s prodigy with a mutt close on heels.

Having grown up on Agatha Christie’s crime thrillers I couldn’t help but find similarities in the settings and the ambience. These stories harp on the themes of – greed, malice, complexities of relationships, fame etc. And in these stories everyone’s a suspect. The author deftly tangles and disentangles the situation around this core theme. To me, the first story was quite predictable. The second story was unpredictable and the ending, I didn’t see it coming. Thr third story added just the right amount of thrill and had me on edge of my seat. Invincible is the right word for the miracles and dooms brought on by science. And this story simply gives you a glimpse of that.

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But all the stories are new, unique and nostalgic even. The author deftly adds conflict to the story to enhance the mystery. And keeps us guessing till the very end. Alongside, the cliffhanger has you in thrall. Also, what’s worth noting is the language of the work. It is refined and well-articulated, so much that it makes the picture come alive for us.

All-in-all, it was an unputdownable and a refreshing read for me. Do give it a read if you love reading good Detective fiction.

To buy the book, pls click - The amateur detectives by Sayan Sahoo 

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