Book – Adbhut by Meena Arora Nayak
Genre – Mythology, non-fiction
Publisher – Aleph Book Co

Alongside making us spiritually sound, Indian mythology and folklores present variety of elements. Infact, there are number of fantastic beasts discussed in the Indian culture that are yet unexplored. Author Meena Arora Nayak in her book Adbhut discusses such marvellous creatures.

The book presents fifty-five marvellous creatures and it is divided into five sections. Each section bifurcates the creatures as per their territory. So we have creatures of sky, water, earth, that form the first three sections of the book. These sections are followed by Other creatures of air, water, and land which include variety of worms, insects, reptiles, and dragons, and the last section consists of creations of amalgam.

The author looks at the fantastic beasts given in the Indian mythology quite objectively, analysing them without bias and paralleling them with similar creatures from same or different religions. This book fuses the creatures from Indian myths and folklores and shows us just how important and all embracing the Indian culture is. Alongside you see the deeper meaning and the significance attached to every creature.

The tonality of the book is more like a storyteller’s. There’s ease and there’s depth; and you are sucked into this world of marvellous creatures in no time. It awes you. It educates you. It entertains you. The chapters are short, crisp and equipped with enough information about the creatures. Thorough research of the author is eminent.

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This book has a good mix of old and new creatures. By that I mean, some of these creatures we already know about but there are some that the author has brought forth which were yet unknown to me. But even while re-reading the known mythical stories I met these creatures in a completely different light.

Overall, Adbhut brings for us the enchanting creatures from Indian myths and folklores, and they are enigmatic, terrifying, fascinating and simultaneously irresistible. Here you get to read A to Z of Indian fantastic beasts, so don’t give it a miss.

To buy this book, pls click – Adbhut by Meena Arora Nayak

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