Book – Three seasons of love by Kartik R. Iyer
Genre – Poetry

An undeniable truth that you will ever come across is LOVE. It’s the most hyped word and also the most misunderstood. Kartik R. Iyer in his book Three seasons of love brings forth this emotion undistilled.

The book is divided into three sections which are the three stages of love – pursuance, courtship and longing. But
though the book is divided into  sections yet the emotions are so interwined that sections blur and what remains are pure feelings.

The poetries are mesmerizing, dreamlike and filmy even. The amount of love poet has for his muse makes me envious for her. The muse is celebrated all throughout. The love, the rendezvous, the separation, the yearning defined using sanguine words are what being in love is all about. These words resonate.

“She is an ardent believer! She believes in happiness, Hard work, Miracles, Magic, And if I may say, In me too…”

“Every day she goes to war against the world, And she beats it hands down; For her armour is her smile, Her eyes, her sword!”

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With each poetry you understand love a bit better. Even the bittersweet feeling of heartbreak is spelled out deftly by the poet. If one poetry reminds you of your early teen romance yet another will give you the taste of unrequited love. And every step of the way you will yearn to have a lover like the poet who captures his muse so intricately in words, making her immortal.

This book is for certain a quick read and if you are a romantic like me you are sure to fall in love with these verses.

Last word – Hearttouching, dreamy, relatable and utterly beautiful collection of poems.

To buy this book, pls click - Three seasons of love by Kartik R Iyer 

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