Book – The royal peacock crown by Arushi Vats
Genre – YA Fantasy

Author Arushi Vats has proven her prowess as a romance author with multiple books that have appeased the Indian readers. But with The royal peacock crown, Vats brings for a us a YA fantasy read steeped in Indian mythology.

The book follows the life of Shipra, an avid reader who lives with her mother. Once while looking for books in a library, Shipra finds a unique edition of Mahabharata. And this book is meant to change her life. Owing to floods in Vrindavan, Shipra’s mother decides to  visit to her mother. But upon reaching Vrindavan series of events take place and we find Shipra being taken away in a completely new, fantastical world called Streeling. It’s prophesied that Shipra will be the indomitable Empress of the land, revoke a curse, fight back the evil, bring back the dead, and most of all, lay claim to the bewitched royal peacock crown. However, this journey isn’t an easy one.

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What we read here is a coming-of-age novel. Shipra enters the fantasy world, as a naive and innocent teenager. She is curious, afraid, pessimistic yet driven by an uncanny desire to get over the hurdles that come between her and the peacock crown. This character was a dicey character, at one point I would like her vibes and at some she came off as a loser. But if this was to bring out the confusion of this character then I would say that the author has done an excellent job with it. The other characters that attracted me and that were fleshed out well were that of Vivaan and Jaivant.

The entire narrative had an enthralling vibe to it. The twists were unforseen. The elements of supernatural and fantasy were added liberally. A tinge of romance too crops up with time. But what appeases are the mystical aspects and the making of a warrior princess. You see the character growth with every turn of page.

All-in-one, this was a one-of-a-kind story of resolve that proportionately intermingles with mythology and fantasy.

To buy the book, pls click -The royal peacock crown by Arushi Vats  

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