Book – My wisdom book by Swami Mukunananda
Genre – Self-help, Religious

Someone who is seeking spiritual upliftment and mental peace is easily attracted to Gyan much like a moth is attracted to a flame, in hope that moksha will follow as words and deeds turn us inwards. And so on a whim I picked up My wisdom book by Swami Mukunananda.

This book that is published by Rupa publication is a must have in every household. It has sieved wisdom from Indian scriptures and brought forth for us. The book consists of shlokas, bhajans, mantras and dohas that are  utmost important to our growth.
The book is divided into two parts namely, junior and senior, basis the age group you belong to. These parts consists of shlokas, mantras, bhajans that can easily be a part of our nityapathan.

And it’s the best way to go back to our roots and relearn certain things especially during the auspicious month of Shravan.

Grab a copy now!

To buy the book, pls click - My wisdom book by Swami Mukunananda  

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