Book – You’ve reached Sam by Dustin Thao
Genre – Contemporary YA romance
Publisher – Panmacmillan India

If you want a real awesome tear-jerker, read You’ve reached Sam by Dustin Thao. Now this would be my quick review of the book. But what exactly does this book offer the reader? Read on to know more.

A YA romance set in a reclusive town of Ellensburg where a Seattle return, Julie, bumps into Sam. The prologue gives us a glimpse of their beautiful first encounters and how cherry blossoms become the hook they both latch on to. Theirs is a sweet, innocent teenage romance where there are school dances, cafe hopping and ice-cream dates. Alongside there are those mean girl and guy gang pretty much found in every YA romance. But Julie & Sam’s tie is severed as Sam meets with an accident. Julie is devastated. She doesn’t know how to cope with grief and the deluge of feelings bustling within her. And just when she collapses she reconnects to Sam….via her phone. Is she really been talking to Sam or is this all in her head?

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This book is penned in such a way that it can easily be a script ready to be shot. The scenes are aligned side by side much like a memory thread.

The book grips you and how. It passes on all the emotions and vibes to you. You start being a part of Sam and Julie’s life as you read their story. As much as Julie, you too want this connection to last a bit longer or maybe forever.

I assure you, anyone who has ever lost a loved one would want to reconnect with them one last time after reading this book.

To read or not to read, I leave it to you. But my last words would be this – You’ve reached Sam by Dustin Thao can be painful yet it is hauntingly beautiful.

To buy the book, pls click - You've reached Sam by Dustin Thao   

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