Was at #DivyaDutta ‘s book reading session yesterday, held at Crossword Bookstores in

PheonixPalladium mall.

Divya was her bubbly self and extremely humble. The first few things that make a human amicable and attractive, in my view.

The easy flowing conversation between Divya and author #RichaMukherjee left us with multiple lessons for life and a newer perspective.

  1. Dream and you shall manifest.
  2. Get over your failures. Don’t be demotivated by them but keep trying.
  3. It’s okay to start small but what’s important is that you start somewhere.
  4. You may not get what you desired but whatever you come across, whatever the Universe gives you, make sure you give your 100% to the project. Because that’s the only way you can showcase your talent.
  5. Be humble.
  6. People are going to judge you but shine anyway. You do you.
  7. Looking back at the Independent India, she said, women have come a long way but that wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for men who formed a great support system.
  8. Books aren’t dying. You may adapt a book in new formats but hardbacks and paperbacks are here to stay!

I think sometimes just listening to people, celebrity or not, tell their stories actually gives you a new , fresher perspective to life and to live.

The stars in my sky by Divya Dutta is about all the celebs who one way or the other touched her life. The book is published by Penguin Random House India. The event was organized by The happy mom’s cafe

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