Book – The Egghead detective agency by Pika Nani
Genre – Children’s fiction

Pika Nani’s last children’s detective series Shrilok Homeless was a thorough entertainer. But she takes the entertainment quotient a notch higher with The Egghead detective agency.

The book is a quick read and focuses on 5 quirky cases. Ant and Tam are two  young detectives. This sister duo use their sleuthing skills to track down the culprits but to help them we have world’s renowned detective Mr. Egghead’s ghost!

The innocence and the enthusiasm of the two girls teamed with detective Egghead’s uber English roots, cracks you up. In other words, this book was absolute entertainment. It is witty and humourous. And I liked it better than Shrilok Homeless (if I may say so.)

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Alongside we have riddles for the readers to solve. So while reading you find yourself mulling over who could be the culprit. And then there are beautiful illustrations by Jemma Jose.

I think this book is perfect for kids above 6 or even for those who are just beginning to read. It is not only a fun read but it will get the young minds to do the tasks as they read.

To buy the book, pls click - The Egghead detective agency by Pika Nani 

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