Book – Teesta Diaries by Swapan Karmakar
Genre – Crime Thriller

With incessant thrumming of the rains, the crackling of the lightening what one needs is a warm quilt and a really good thriller. Teesta diaries by Swapan Karmakar serves you the later quite skillfully.

The book opens with a journalist, Zoya’s, book reading session held at her alma mater. Here she begins to tell a story of weird murder cases that shook an usually sleepy town, Tistaang. When Zoya arrives in this small hamlet to stay with her friend SHO officer Ranveer Sawant, she is faced with a murder case where the hands of the deceased are chopped off. Kailash Manchandani was a well-known lawyer in the town and so his death sends the valley in a tizzy. But this is followed by yet another murder of Kailash’s friend Vikram. This series of murders continues. With every murder there’s a note and that’s all the clue that there is. Ranveer and Zoya helm the task to find out who is behind these murders.

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The plot initially seems loose but soon it gets you so deeply embroiled in its complexities that you wouldn’t want to put the book down. At the outset it is a murder mystery but these cases run deeper than that. Often the luxuries bring with it a lot of vanity and influence. And Teesta diaries highlights just these cynical aspects of the upper class society.  The chase story meanders and misleads but the climax is a just closure to the entire thriller.

Despite a few grammatical errors here and there I enjoyed this book. It is predictable to an extent yet the Sherlock in you wouldn’t be able to decipher how the author will arrive at the conclusion.  And that’s why  I would recommend it for thriller genre lovers.

To buy this book, pls click - Teesta diaries by Swapan Karmakar  

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