There are books that give you feels and you wish to stay with them a while longer. Srishti Chaudhary’s Once upon a curfew is one such book that I came across. The book is published by Penguin India.

The novel is set in the times of emergency and follows the love story of Rana and Indu. Indira Narayan is a girl of resolve. She is just out of college and wants to start a girls-only library cum study in a flat that her grandmother had passed on to her and her sister. And her plans gain more strength when she comes across Rana in one of the parties she attends. Rana and Indu are made for each other but Indu has been betrothed to Rajat. What happens in Indu’s love life during the tumultuous times of emergency forms the rest of the story.

The book is divided into three parts and these three parts tackle the development of Indu and Rana’s love story. Talking about the characters, the author hasn’t complicated the plot with too many characters. With only a few characters at her disposal she makes the best use of them and gives each a definite shape and sharp features such that these characters stay with you. These characters are much like Bollywood sidekicks, I felt, who help the story to move ahead in their own unique style.

The plot is linear and the narration smooth. The language is lucid but what attracted me most was the exchange of dialogues between Indu and Rana. Owing to these dialogues Rana’s character becomes likable and loveable. He is funnily cute and I almost fell in love with him.

And the 1970s feels that the author recreates are on point. 1975 romances are my favorite especially since it was also the time when my father romanced my mom and that’s the reason why I loved the ambiance Srishti created in this novel. Srishti’s novel isn’t merely a love story but it is a political and social commentary. Though it is a fictionalized account yet it comes closer to reality and leaves you thinking.

300 plus pages and yet this one is a light and breezy read. I would say if you ought to unwind, pick up this one. As for me, I fell in love with this book and Rana, of course, hence keeping it with me life long so that I can revisit it again and again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Publisher: Penguin India
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