Our lives are meant to be lived for such moments when you feel content about who you are and clear about what you need to doDream Beyond Shadows by Kartikeya Ladha

I have read fair bit of spiritual books in 2018 but to end the year with this book, Dream Beyond Shadows by Kartikeya Ladha was the best decision.

The book follows the author’s spiritual journey. For a spiritual seeker the path to self discovery isn’t very easy. Even a thought of sitting down to meditate everyday requires discipline! I know it for a fact because I am one of those who will always look for the soul in a person and not the facade that’s them! So when I began reading this book initially it was binge reading for me because I felt it was slow the way it began. But instantly there was a spark or a pull, I would say, and I was hooked to the book.

Some divine power operates which pulls the strings of our life and makes us behave in a certain way. And so it happened with the author. He felt this urge to leave what he was doing and embark on the quest to self discovery! He travelled all the way into the jungles of Amazon to meet a Shaman and undergo a Ayahuasca ceremony. I haven’t ever read about Ayahuasca as a means to spirituality and hence the book piqued my interest. I was absolutely involved while I was reading about the ceremony. It was invigorating to read about such a strong soul cleansing process!

I wouldn’t lie, I was more keen on reading about author’s experience with Ayahuasca than his travelogues. The travelogue did interest me also because I have always wanted to learn Spanish. The whole Peruvian journey wasn’t just satisfying but delightful and I am happy that I joined in with the author while he reiterated it to me via this book.

Not many can follow their heart and decide to break free of this illusionary world. Not many will take the path that the author has successfully travelled. And hence I would highly recommend the book if you too are a spiritual seeker. Other than that the book has ample of motivating quotes which I loved annotating and you can go back to this book for a dose of inspiration.

The language is easy with a mix of Spanish and you will sail through this journey quite comfortably.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Published: White Falcon Publishing
Available: Amazon, Flipkart