Malini Agarwal or MissMalini as the name of her entertainment portal goes has always piqued my interest and I have seen her blog grow into one of the biggest websites. And so I was extremely elated when I received the book, To The Moon: How I Blogged My Way To Bollywood, sent by my friend Monchumi as a Christmas gift for the Secret Santa we organized in Mumbaibookstagram.

When I started my career in PR as my first assignment I was told to look for entertainment websites and so I came across this blog, MissMalini. However,my colleague told me not to ask for their email because it wasn’t a proper website and perhaps people might come for freebies. But I would send out invites to the MissMalini team anyways. Soon, with my big switch to BookMyShow, I once again came across the website and by this time Miss Malini has turned into Indian’s most loved entertainment portal. Their strategy? It was their content. It was easily understandable, very interactive and packaged nicely. Taking inspiration from that I tried to start a blog myself but I failed to keep up with 100s of press releases that kept dropping in my inbox everyday. I even tried my luck with getting in touch with Malini’s HR team but no luck. I am not sure if I will ever get to work with the coolest team on the entertainment beat block ever, but I was happy to have had an experience reading Malini Agarwal’s book.

Malini came to Mumbai with hopes of make it big in the industry and through years and experiences she did make it big. She took up two jobs and never once was she bogged by it. In fact she loved what she did. I, for once, who seems to have had instability labelled on her because I kept jumping jobs, found this fact motivating. There was one phase in my life when I gave up completely saying, why do I need to bother if Katrina patches up with Salman or not, because I wanted to do real stuff like go on field and not just churn out mere content on some tip that I received. However, when I was reading this book I realized how stupid I was to not have paid heed to those tips. Of course at the end of the day that news won’t make a substantial difference in my life but the value of preseverence would have certainly helped me in the long run. Anyhow, things happen, destiny happens and so here I am, taking baby steps with my brand Mumbaibookstagram and my YouTube channel.

The book is divided into four section and each section has series of blog posts by the author. Every blog posts is followed by Miss Malini’s pro tip and these tips are helpful if you implement them in your life. In between these blog posts are testimonials by eminent personalities from the film industry which add a dimension to Malini’s journey. Much like her blogs, the language of this book is interactive and entertaining, at times I found myself laughing out loud to a joke shared by Malini. Never once did I feel that I was reading a non-fiction. (And believe me this month I have surpassed my quota of non-fictions by reading over 5 non-fictions 🙈, so I know!)

As a blogger I wish to make it big in the blogosphere as well. How to begin and how to blog is what the section 4 of this book teaches you. Malini is honest and gets you involved in this book effortlessly.

Thank you for being an inspiration Malini Agarwal.

Pick it up Bloggers!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Harper Collins India
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