If you are looking for a good story to pass your time then look no further Our story of love by Keshav Aneel, published by Srishti publications is your read.

The book follows the story of a simpleton, driver by day and author by night, Paarth, who falls for a rich foreign-return girl, Upasna. The book follows their love story – a bit chirpy, a bit pensive and a bit of struggle that every love story goes through.

The narrative of the story is linear though the prologue begins in present times, and then the story that follows goes on in flashback. The language is quite simple and understandable. The book is peppered with amusing philosophical quotes. Chats and letters form a part of the narrative.

The book begins with a heartwarming prologue but what follows isn’t what happens next in the life of the couple. The prologue focused on a certain forlorn situation the couple face and the loving manner in which Paarth tackles the situation made me sit up and turn pages. But the story post prologue took us to the dating period of Paarth and Upasana. And while reading that wasn’t boring yet I felt that every now and then the story swayed to some topic or the other and there was tad too much drama. At the end of the day what I read was a rich-girl-falls-for-a-poor-guy story and I felt that the book could have stayed on this one theme without dwindling towards mentions like Pcos, infertility or death. It could have stuck to the falling in love, separation and struggle bit to make it an engaging read, even though it would have still made it a cliche read.

But coming from a bestselling author, this is just one simple love story. I would love to read more from this author.

Overall, like I mentioned before this one is a sweet romance and can make for a good read to pass your time.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Srishti publisher
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