Trigger warning – Substance abuse, depression, racial discrimination

Homecoming by Yaa Gyasi was one of the most talked books in the recent years. I was eyeing it for the longest time but couldn’t get around to reading it. So upon Transcendent kingdom’s release I made sure to grab an Ecopy.

I heard an audiobook on LibroFM. The book continues Gifty’s story. But if you haven’t read Homecoming like me you can still pick up this book and gobble it.

At the outset we see the struggles of a mother and a daughter. But as the narrator starts unraveling her story bit by bit you see the hues of her childhood, some coloured, some dark and some depressing.

The narrative progresses in a linear fashion but there are flash backs which are more like a memory thread. The catalyst for these memories ironically are the rats that Gifty is working on. The book has a vast canvas and the author fits in the struggles of an Afro-American and an immigrant family, of a single mother, a jilted son, of an intimidated daughter and ultimately of two women belonging to two different generations. The narration flows back and forth without a moment of disruption. This one is a coming-of-the-age novel. It is deep, steeped into motifs, and biblical references. And it is subtle in it’s approach with regards to explaining the readers the gravity of the situation. The narrative focuses on only a few main characters but brings in many as we go along. It shows us how the scars of the past leave a deep impact on the protagonist. The narrative also consists of Gifty’s letters to God which speak of her innocence and subsequently of her turmoil.

To me this book was heartbreakingly beautiful. It was poignant, whittled and sharp. It felt like claws slowly squeezing my heart, the hurt, the pain reaches the readers and grips you.

The quote that stays with me – “How fast the fall, how quick the turn.”

Rating- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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