This one is an utterly positive review. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. So read on to know.

I often read English books and very rarely pick up Hindi or Marathi, the reason being my reading speed slows down despite the fact that I love to read in both the languages. So when Ajay Raj Singh asked me to review his book I told him upfront that the review will be in English. He agreed and that was a relief. And to my astonishment this book didn’t just satisfy me through and through but it also gave me a hangover!

The book follows the story of Bablu Shukla. Presented in first person perspective, it shows us the ups and downs in the life of Bablu Shukla. Bablu is one unique character who has dropped out of school but has ably managed to make a living as a “builder” in his hamlet. He takes a leap of faith and starts working on the government projects, obviously hands-in-glove with the Babus. On the other side of his life, his mother is looking out for a match for Bablu and enters Pinky Sharma. The initial denial dissolves as Bablu Shukla comes closer to Pinky. But Pinky is one ambitious woman and will she accept a 10th fail, forms the rest of the story.

I have simplified the plot as much as possible. This story isn’t meant to be understood but felt. The universe that the author weaves sucks us in and there we stay for the longest time. Bablu is one character that’s sure to become your favourite because he has an uncanny outlook towards life and the people in it. I vividly recall some of the scenes involving Bablu and his friends or his Amma or Pinky Sharma. The sheer credit for the fact that these scenes are still etched in my mind, goes to the penmanship of the author – Ajay Raj Singh. We have one prolific author in making, I can say. And if marketed right, this book is sure to be a national bestseller. I am certainly looking forward to reading more from the author.

As of this book, the author’s descriptions are adept and it felt as if I was watching a movie. Bablu Shukla’s tweaked way to view the life had my heart. He made me laugh out loud. And there wasn’t a single dull moment while reading this book. I have I fact recorded a reel which shows how invested I was in this book when I was reading it.

Hungover and how!

Also talking about the characters – Bablu, Bablu’s Amma, Pinky Sharma, Prakash and Dablu win our hearts in no time. Bablu’s mother who occupies the first half of this book has an invincible swag and I was in love with it. If I have to pick my favourite from the lot it won’t be easy because the author has fleshed out each one dexterously, breathing life in them and making them relatable and realistic.

Last word-
I would say “definitely pick up this book.” And pick up this book if you want to read something light hearted and fun with a tinge of romance.

Ps- Bablu Shukla is a perfect book boyfriend.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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