Meri Pyarwali Love Story….READ 👇

When I told my friend that I was going out on a date swift came his reply ‘You, on a date?’

But unlike others my dates are very special and very charming, and a lot discreet. Being with him just rejuvenates me, makes me feel so relaxed. My day might not go that good but when I touch him or hear him, that just about makes my nights magnificent. When he starts his stories it’s like an altogether new world that he takes me into and I immerse myself so much into it that at the end of it one can see streams of tears flowing down my cheeks. It’s an experience in itself.

It’s pure bliss to be with him, to spend time with him, to hear him talk. His words, his humor, his smile, his laugh is all so attractive! I mean it, that any women on this planet would feel special if he ever spoke a word about their beauty or wrote about them.

His way to define this word ‘love’ is unique and way too different. He is just “HE WHO TEACHES YOU TO LOVE AND TO FALL IN LOVE:



This is an excerpt taken from a blog post I wrote in college days. I was truly and madly in love with Nicholas Sparks. The only thing I don’t like about him – why does he have to kill my favorite characters! 💔

Consider this as my love letter to the author. 😊

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