I read Unbecoming by Master Angela (Arjun) Radhakrishnan weeks ago and I am still articulating my thoughts about this book. Being an overtly spiritual person I often scavenge for good spiritual books and I have this firm belief that you don’t happen to books but books happen to you. If I say that I was chosen by this book then I am not wrong. Going by my words and all the Instagram reading updates my followers and readers know now that I enjoyed reading this book. It is as the name suggests, Unbecoming.

Unbecoming on a surface is a story of Arjun Radhakrishnan. How Arjun ventured into the spiritual realm, his early childhood when he realized certain aspects of his personality and his eventual walk towards becoming a Master, albeit a walk filled with one too many hurdles.

In between the author’s experiences there is a spritz of philosophy and life. I was literally overcome with positivity. The vibes were evident enough and a cooling sensation overrode my nerves. This book was healing. Perhaps the author aimed it to heal the readers passing on the reiki in the words. The language of the book was quite understandable, colloquial even but the author hides the understanding of the universe within these words, which you as a reader have to unearth. At some points I could relate to the author’s experiences and thoughts. Given that this book is for spiritual knowledge seekers but this book is also for those facing relationship issues.

When talking about the relationship bit one can say that it does turn out to be overdramatic but if you look closely you will realize that it is all a part of the process. Infact, everything mentioned in this book is a part of the process and inevitable. Shiv cannot function without Shakti – this realization is of utmost importance when understanding the author’s journey. Another point worth mentioning are the meditation assignments, if you follow those you are sure to experience a positive change.

Overall, this book touched upon different aspects of spirituality and gave me inner peace.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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