So it is important these days to package everything quite neatly and present the same to your readers/your audience. While we have tons of storymakers available, here’s what I do to use keep my stories simple yet attractive.

Yes, I use storymakers. There was a time when I had downloaded tons of those apps and tried out every template available. But these days I make do with just Canva and PicsArt. These are the simplest editors with easy tricks that will help you make attractive stories. They have inbuilt stickers, video injection feature, templates that you can use as per your liking and theme.

Making stories on Instagram
This can be tricky but it is fun. Insta has modified itself extremely and if one uses it’s story features appropriately, one can easily make attractive stories. You can use to download the free images or create one on Canva/PicsArt and add GIFs from Instagram stories. Taking images from Google isn’t the right way. Some of these images have a copyright and can put you in legal troubles. So it is better to create one using these platforms I speak about or just use websites that have free images.

GIFs I like to use
There are tons of them on Insta stories. You can simply add a keyword and find what suits you need or you can search them by the name of their creator.

I like to use the following to name a few







Sometimes you may not have content to flash on your Insta stories but it is important to have atleast 3 stories a day to keep your viewers hooked. And these GIFs can come to your rescue then.

Take for instance this story that I created using a simple template and the GIFs.

Or This one.

So I hope you find this blog post useful and create many beautiful stories.

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Happy reading.

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