Marriage is supposed to be an eternal bond. But not every marriage is blessed. Till death we do part by Bruno Beaches is a heartbreaking story of one such marriage falling apart.

Pablo is married to Delilah for over 30 years. He is a police officer who works with drug addicts. However, one fateful day he is charged with assault by one of his clients, Cassie. The charges not only ruin his reputation, his career but also take away his wife.

The story is replete with heartbreaking emotions, reality, beautiful quotes and love letters. In an extremely simplistic manner the author puts forth the story of a God fearing cop. Pablo’s love, his longing, his attempts to save his marriage, grips the readers attention.

This book explores the relationship dynamics in the contemporary times. Marriages are a trivial affair these days and so are divorces. A long lasting commitment is what we see lacking. The author deftly portrays the same in this book.

Last word – This book reminded me of An American Marriage by Tayari Jones. And if you loved reading that book you will certainly love this one.

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