“We all have wickedness within us. Our choices matter more than our predisposition,” writes author Aditya Shukla in his recent release Tales of Zygorra. This atmospheric book that takes place in a mystical land of Zygorra is fun, spooky and quite an adventurous read.

At a camp near a beach, a bunch of teenagers witness the rainbow expanding exponentially. Teens run for their lives but are sucked into this rainbow and thrown in a magical world of Zygorra. Zygorra is a parallel realm which is housed by two power bloc – Mikhail and Antonin. Antonin has the citizens of Zygorra under his spell. Only after these teenagers destroy Antonin can the spell be broken and they can go back to Earth, back to their families. Mikhail is equally evil but gives cues to these teenagers for his own benefit. Slowly but surely these teenagers – Kiba, Diana, Thao, Hannah, Rafan, Banko, Luis, James, Firuza and Ganiru – realize their magical powers and march in Antonin’s direction. There are many hurdles and multiple enigmatic elements that will stop them from reaching their destination but these teenagers are determined and won’t take no for an answer.

This book was all feels. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland, The wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and lot many books that we have grown up reading. The ambiance is very well crafted. The language is simplistic with a touch of grandeur which makes it quite appealing. The story moves at a fast pace. Every character is sketched dextrously. Every character has a personal battle to fight and some are seen wearing the painful scars yet strongly oppose the evil powers operational in Zygorra.

The plot weaves in and out of complications adding twists at every turn making us jumpy. The magical creatures that are depicted time and again make this one a perfect halloween read. There are perfectly placed internal conflicts and intense battle scenes which add to the thrill. Throughout the book the theme of dysfunctional families is a constant. The only turn off for me was constant bickering between the characters.

But overall, Tales of Zygorra is a deftly woven book that’s sure to give you every bit of thrill and adventure of the magical world of Zygorra.

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