Book – You’re too good to feel this bad by Nate Dallas
Genre – Nonfiction Self-help, motivational

You’re too good to feel this bad by Nate Dallas, when I picked up this book I knew that it was to provide substantial knowledge about living a fulfilling life. Considering I am a sucker for such nonfictions I dived into it without a second thought.

The book is over 200 pages and spread across 14 chapters. It may look short but it’s hefty – knowledge-heavy. And this knowledge is derived out of author’s experiences. Infact, he puts it out in the introduction to this book that this book began “as a collection of personal handwritten notes” “in my dedicated pursuit of a better life.”
And this wisdom/insights gained are passed on to the readers in the most lucid language so that they too benefit from it.

You can look at the narrative as divided into different aspects but prominently you will see the author address the physical aspects in the first half and mindfulness in the second half. He also speaks about money and relationships as he closes this book. Throughout you come across well-researched content that’s presented with a dash of humor. There are multiple actionable, practical and handy tips for us to try. As you read on, this book turns out to be a myth buster. Alongside the author puts forth certain psychological facts which most often we tend to ignore.

But while this forms the content of first half, the second half is immensely enriching. It speaks about mind-body connection, shifting mindsets, meditation, minimalism, work-life etc.

Most books on mindful living or stress and anxiety will teach you the “clinical techniques” to get over your stress but in this book the author reiterates his journey and shows us what’s doable and what really works. He addresses critical yet “basic” concepts such as sleep, nutrition, breathing etc. He lightens the subjects making the process of living an unorthodox life affable.

Key takeaways from this book for me

– Level up.
-Show up.
-Raise your standards.

It was powerful, impactful and I am sure going back to it because of the wealth of wisdom it carries!

Do not miss reading this one. It’s game changer.

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