It all begins with a gang of smugglers getting caught. The gang was smuggling the precious Moonflowers. Moonflower petals are the only cure for  the fevers. The elixir made out of the petals of Moonflower can help humanity survive. But the poor citizens of Kandala are devoid of it because it is strictly rationed amongst all sectors. “Those with means can purchase their own supply. Those without, cannot.” And to help the needy people exists a bunch of rebels who steal, create the elixirs and pass it on to the citizens across the sectors.

One such rebel is Tessa. She has been grinding the ingredients when she realizes that her partner Wes is late. She hears the sirens and is instantly alerted. Has he been caught. Will she be caught too? To be executed and skinned in public? She recalls how brutally her parents were murdered by the tyrannical King for serving humanity. And that increases her anxiety twofold.

Next we see Corrick who has been subjected to the fate of being called a cruel prince. But what he is, is righteous. He and his brother, King Harristan too saw their parents being brutally assassinated by a consul and so the duo had to come to power to uphold the rights of Kandala citizens.

Corrick and Harristan are fighting a political battle. Tessa and Wes are fighting a social battle. Neither for them is wrong. But the face off between these pairs is what makes this story thrilling.

I started reading this book only recently and it has turned out to be an unputdownable read so far. I am intrigued by the similarity of the situation between our world and Tessa’s. Fevers reminded me of the on-going pandemic and our elixir here are our vaccines.

About 100 pages in into this tome and I see myself being tugged at the either end. I see how Corrick is right but can’t help it and I see the helpness of Tessa too. Tessa seems to be romantically inclined towards Wes but I am assuming there might be a twist in the tale soon. Because the alternative perspectives presented in the book clearly show Corrick as our hero. But is he really? Soon to be unveiled.

These were my early impressions of the book.

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