I suffer from hypertension and PCOD. These are lifestyle diseases that have become commonplace. And the only way to tackle these is change in lifestyle.

Our desk jobs make us gain weight swiftly and with increase in weight, come these diseases. I was a victim to these disease until I decided to make a big switch. The results were visible. My family started telling me how radiant I looked and I seemed to have reduced weight. It came naturally after I started following this regime.

Following are 9 easy ways to weight loss that I have tried.

1. Protein infused diet
I started with the protei bars. These bars are delicious and filling as they also helped me tackle the sudden mid meal cravings. If not for such bars you can go for protein rich food like eggs, chicken, fish, oats, paneer, almonds, broccoli etc.

2. Stop junk food
I had completely stopped junk food for six months. The cravings would come and go but junk food was an absolute NO in my diet.

3. Drink plenty of water

If you feel like drinking high cal drinks, drink water instead. If you feel like smoking, drink water instead. Make it your resistance exercise thus ensuring that you drink more water. Drinking a glass of water before every meal makes you feel full and thus you eat less. These days people go for detox water to stay hydrated.

Take a look at the detox water recipesI blogged about earlier.

4. Limit sugar intake
This was the most difficult part of diet and I had a hard time adjusting to this change. But if you can conquer it then nothing like it. I started taking sugar only once everyday. Sweets, chocolates and biscuits were banned.

5. Fruits and vegetables

Even in my last post I have spoken about the benefits of eating fruits and veggies. I would skip dinner and instead fill my tummy with boiled salad. You may want to toss veggies in olive oil, it tastes yummy! Fruits would be relished in the morning and on all those occasions that made me want to look at zomato or swiggy. 😋

6. Low carb diet
My mother-in-law is particular about her diet and if she starts feeling that she has gained weight she cuts off rice from her diet. I did the same. I would eat a full meal only once daily which was usually lunch. If I had to go out for dinner I would reverse the routine, eating salads in the afternoon and full meal for dinner.

7. Sufficient sleep

This is my major problem area. I have been at it for past two years now. Insomnia has been creeping in and out of my life. But if you have proper sleep only then will the rest of the regime fit in place. Yes, sleep issues were resolved… only when I exercised.

8. Exercise
I would go out for 30 minutes of walk daily. I had steps counter app installed which also showed me the number of calories burnt for the day. Any sort of physical activity done for 30 minutes daily helps a lot in resolving sleep issues and aiding weight loss. Done twice a day it speeds up the process.

9. Green tea
My regime without Green tea is incomplete. I would take green tea once everyday. It is advisable to take green tea twice daily if possible. However, I needed some sugary tea too hence I would take green tea after coming back from my walk.

On that note, you may want to take a look at
Green tea detox: An ultimate guide

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Following this regime helped me to reduce weight and I could feel a sense of positivity creep in. After coping depression for 2 and half years, this became a turning point in my life.

Follow this routine and let me know what you feel. A surge of positivity is for sure to take roots.

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